Year 6 Funday

Last Tuesday, on the 24th of September, 2019, Year Six had a Funday in order to raise money for the annual gift Year Six gives to the school. The Funday was a huge success and all of the school had a blast.

In order to organise a huge Funday, Year Six split up into teams, they then designed stalls and small business ideas to market to K-5, with the objective of raising as much money as possible, so it had to be enticing and fun. Next we scoped out the safety risks, such as allergies, trip hazards and safety hazards, carefully making sure that we could prevent them. Each group then selected an area where they would have their stall, either on the flats, under the oosh cola or under the canteen cola. We made posters and advertisements for the big day, plastering them all over the school. A week before the big day, we set up a dummy test, to see whether any stalls would collide with others. Year six purchased the supplies for their stalls, such as face paint, hairspray, hair elastics, streamers or paint brushes. And then the big day arrived.

Each child paid $5 to participate in this fun event. The stalls were creative, entertaining and an excellent collaborative effort. These stalls built on Year Six’s team building skills, cooperation and collaboration in order to get them ready in time. The Funday had a few parent volunteers for the day to help serve cupcakes and spiders. The stalls included: face painting, hair braiding, sponge throw, minute to win it, obstacle course, human battleships, temporary tattoos, Minecraft chillout and parkour, biscuit decorating, the impossible and for an additional $2, a cupcake and a spider. All the stalls were busy, the entire time and we couldn’t keep up with the demand!

When asked their opinions on the Funday, students of Year Six responded, “I liked how we worked together, it’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Everyone has to put in their share of hard work, to pull it off.”

“The reaction of the kids was priceless. They were shocked and disgusted at the slime bath, at our stall, but they loved it all the same.”

“My favourite part of the day was making everyone happy. There was pressure to get through the lines quickly, but we got through it. The pressure was what made it fun.”

In total, the event raised over $2,500. In previous years, Year Six have purchased our lectures, marquees, a sound system and this year we have decided to buy and outdoor sound system, so we can play music outside whilst we enjoy sport. These stalls were enjoyed not only by K-2 but by the Year Sixes working the stalls. It was an enormous effort from the year six teachers, who pulled us all together and help organise the stalls.  It was a great opportunity for leadership and cooperation and we thank everyone for their support of this event.

By Skyler (Year 6)