Year 6 Fun Day

Year 6 Fun Day

What an amazing day Wednesday turned out to be. The weather was glorious and the festive spirit and excitement meant that OPS was buzzing.

After scripture, the Year 6 students began setting up their stalls and activities in readiness for the K-5 students attending after lunch. Poster were hung, equipment gathered and costumes were on – they were ready.

The K-2 students headed to the hall for a disco while 3-5 students started the activities. There was slime, face painting, challenges, sponges, mystery boxes, toilet seats,delicious cupcakes and of course spiders!!

After an hour the groups swapped and it was the K-2 students who participated in the activities. Everyone had a ball!

A huge congratulations to the Year 6 students. The Fun Day planning began in Week 2 of this term and involved designing their activity, risk assessments, resourcing, creating posters, practise days, reassessing the effectiveness of their idea and a huge amount of problem solving, team work and leadership skills.

Thank you also to the parents who supported this fundraiser via the donation of ice cream, soft drinks, cupcakes and prizes.

As Year 6 teachers we are incredibly proud of the students in our classes. They worked so hard to provide fun activities for the rest of the school to participate in and set a really good example for others to follow.

Well done Year 6 2018 – You all did an amazing job.