Year 6 End of Year Activities

The next few weeks are very busy for Year 6 students.

There are a number of fun activities planned to send them all to high school with a bang.

These activities include:

Celebrating Success – 11/12

Surf awareness  – 12/12

The Year 6 farewell – 17/12

Luna Park – 18/12

Details of all these activities have been sent home with the students (notes also attached).

Please note that online permission is not available for these activities and the permission note (with extra details) must be handed to the class teacher.

Payment may still me made online. Please make payment promptly and abide by cutoff dates.

We require parent helpers for the Luna Park excursion (note also attached)

End of year activities 2018

Luna park parent helpers 2018

We look forward to sharing these fun times with the students

Year 6 teachers