Welcome to 2019

What a great past week to see all our students settled into their 2019 classes. We work to ensure students transitioning into the next year and entering into this year have a positive start to the year. Thank you to staff and parents for supporting this.

Our website is being updated for staff members, classes and school classroom map. We are trying to provide good news stories to you as many activities begin.

Our calendar has started and many dates are added to it regularly. This is a very important means of school parent communication. Teachers also send notes home informing parents of coming class updates, special days for your child in the school week and safety information.

I hope your child has talked to you about new signage in the school especially our safety reminder of crossing roads and holding an adults hand.

A huge welcome to our Kinder 2019 parents who join our school community.

Finally a school 2019 fees note will go out this week. We have tried to include booked incursions and excursions into the costs for your child this year. A note explaining the fees is attached to explain fee costs.