Welcome back into Term 2 2019

Congratulations to Mr Jason Prenzel who joins Oatley Public School staff in a permanent class teacher position. Farewell Mrs Simone Hills who is now on maternity leave and we welcome Miss Melissa Gorman who has taken on the 6H class teacher position. Miss Gorman shadowed Mrs Hills last week and also planned with the stage 3 teachers in the holiday break. The teaching/learning programs continue as normal in this transition time. We also welcome back Mrs Rebecca Shepherd who will be working with our teachers in IT communication with parents and developing the teacher capacities in the ipads. She will also support the beginning teacher program.

Thank you to all parents and students for a calm return to school. The students continued their learning programs with the introduction from their teachers about new themes learnt in their class curriculum.

Presently the staff are working on revising our Semester written reports to parents after consultation with the Oatley Public School Advisory Group to add new mandated curriculum such as History, Geography, Science and Technology and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. The teachers are also working towards clarifying the comments within the report to communicate what students know, the student behaviours to their work, attitude and where to next.

The SCOPE IT program began so please read to ongoing posts on school stream to talk to your child. There will be new computer language introduced which we need the students to really understand. The work the students are involved in is Digital Technologies which is looking at the new Technology Syllabus.