Urgent – Payment required for Stage 2 Excursion by Monday 15th October 2018

Payment is required for the Stage 2 excursion to the Sydney Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens by Monday 15th October, 2018. We are required to give our excursion providers the final student numbers by this day. All students who had not paid by the due date were provided with an additional excursion note on the last Friday of Term 3.

The dates of the excursions are:

Year 3 – Monday 22nd October

Year 4 – Tuesday 23rd October

Please note that students need to meet their teachers in the COLA area at 8:15 am on these days as the bus will leave by 8:30 am sharp.

If you wish to pay online our POP system has been reactivated. Otherwise, you can make a payment in the envelope that was supplied to your child with the excursion note. A copy of the excursion note and payment methods are available through the links below:

Stage 2 Excursion Note

Payment Note

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