UPDATE FROM Cynthia Hall – Consultant developing the professional learning opportunities for Oatley teachers.

UPDATE FROM Cynthia Hall – Consultant developing the professional learning opportunities for Oatley teachers.

I have been involved with professional learning again at Oatley Public School this year. In Term 4, I am going to be conducting more Student Focus Groups and Parent Focus Groups around the topic of Effective Feedback. The goal of feedback is to provide students with insight that helps them to improve their performance and take a proactive role in their own learning.

 On Wednesday 28th November at the school I will be chatting with some students and parents about the types of feedback that provides information for learning and how effective these strategies have been this year. I will also be joined by Dr Helen Woodward who is a long time professional friend who has a passion for learning – both adult and child learning. I have asked her to visit the school with me to listen to the exciting professional learning and teaching that is happening at Oatley Public School this year.

I will be with the students in the morning and parents from 2.00pm – 3.00pm in the afternoon. I’m interested in talking to parents who may have some insight as to whether their child has discussed their leaning at home with the feedback they have been given at school. Teachers at the school have been planning, implementing, observing, discussing and reflecting on many exciting feedback strategies, and it is an important aspect of the program to measure the impact of these strategies on the students and to examine if they are sharing and talking about their learning at home. I will be asking 3 basic questions:

  • Does your child talk about school learning at home?
  • Do they talk about feedback in this learning?
  • Do they discuss if they are using feedback given to them and what does it look like? I look forward to our conversations – both student centred and parent centred.

Cynthia Hall – Consultant

Grad Dip Literacy Education

Masters Literacy Education

A note to eldest in the family is being distributed from the school and we would love to have many of our parents join into the conversation. Please find this an informal forum and the power of your feedback can determine how we as a school continue to move forward. Complete the note and return back to the office. Thank you.