The next three weeks of this term

Thank you to all Year 3 & 5 students for participating in the NAPLAN this year. We have completed the final NAPLAN assessment completed on paper this year. As from 2020 NAPLAN will be online. So Oatley can prepare for this challenge we will be following a test phase in August this year to see how well our technology connects correctly to the NAPLAN secure site. Watch this space for further details.

Please come to our bangers and Bingo night. This will be a great start to our Fathering project. Notes need to be back to school in regards to your sausage orders for the night.

Our school will be hosting an Aboriginal forum on Wednesday with themes of  Non-Indigenous leaders building their cultural intelligence . consolidating the Aboriginal education footprint in my school. We have a team of Oatley teachers attending this forum. 

Students will also be involved K-3 in working with our Maths consultant in bringing new ideas of pedagogy in Mathematics into their classes.

We are getting close to three performing arts groups auditioning for the St George Performing Arts on Wednesday 29 May at 11am. The coaches of these groups will be sending notes home and the expectation of attendance dates, transport costs, costume costs and parent tickets on sale once we have outcome from the audition. And finally our 3-6 choir students will be joining 23 other schools in their mass choir rehearsal.

Our Stage 3 students are off to camp. A really fantastic opportunity to be with their peers over a few days to work collaboratively together, to experience a different environment from home and to learn new skills and have new experiences. Thank you to the Stage 3 teachers who organise this camp and accompany the students on it.