SRC Fundraiser- Gold for Gold Day

The SRC were proud to run one of their special fundraising days today. We all got dressed up in gold to help raise much needed funds for Sydney Children’s Hospital. For us at OPS we are helping the hospital care for over 151000 sick children. All we needed to do was dress up in gold and donate a gold coin!

The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation continues to play a vital role and has inspired the SRC to come up with this idea to bring our school community together to support sick children.

Amazingly, the school raised $638 plus donations from the wider school community, amounting to $140. A great success as OPS community raised $778 which exceeded our goals. Our raised funds from today will directly go to:

  • funding for new equipment and technology
  • art,music and play education activities
  • improvement in physical spaces within the hospital
  • research and transformation of clinical care and support at the hospital

Thank you and well done to everyone who participated.