ScopeIT Program, Week Three

Our students have been enjoying their time coding in the ScopeIT program. Their knowledge and skills are improving and the teachers are finding it to be very interesting as well.

This week, students in Stage One moved from using Scratch Jnr to the Scratch program and the progression was seamless. They have built up the skills now to start programming their ‘sprites’ (characters) using the algorithms they have been practicing with in Scratch Jnr.

Stages Two and Three learned how to track down and fix ‘bugs’ in their codes as this will become more and more important as their programming becomes increasingly intricate. They also learned that the term ‘bug’ was quite literal in the beginning. It came from when an early electromechanical computer (the ones that took up a huge amount of space) malfunctioned and the error was traced back to a bug trapped in a relay, coining the term ‘bug’.

Students in Stage Three have also moved on to learning how to ‘loop’ the actions of their sprites. Some of the students were able to move on to the challenges set by the ScopeIT teachers where they used their new skills in tracking down bugs to fix the codes provided.

It is wonderful to see the progression in the students knowledge of code and we encourage parents to ask their children about what they have been learning in ScopeIT..