Reminder: Stage 3 (and all 4/5K) Council Visit – Permission Note Deadline and Early Start for 4/5K/5H

All Stage 3 classes (including the Year 4 students in 4/5K) will be attending an excursion to Georges River Civic Centre in Hurstville this Tuesday 25th September.

All permission notes need to be received by the school office tomorrow Monday 24th September. Students without permission cannot attend the excursion.

This is a reminder that 4/5K and 5H students need to meet their teachers on Tuesday morning at 9 am to catch an early train to Hurstville. All other Stage 3 classes will be leaving later in the morning. It is expected that all classes will be back at school by 3:20 pm. If there are any delays, a School Stream notification will be sent out.

Also just a reminder that each student needs to bring an Opal card with at least $10 on the card to travel to and from Hurstville by train.

Thank you for your support.

Stage 3 teachers

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