Opportunity Class 2020

Opportunity classes cater for academically gifted and talented students who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic and social level. If you would like to have your child considered for Year 5 opportunity class entry in 2020, you need to apply online. There are no paper application forms. 

Application website opens:                 Tuesday 30 April 2019

Application website closes:                 Friday 17 May 2019

The Opportunity Class Placement Test will be held on Wednesday 31 July 2019.

On Friday 5 April 2019, all Year 4 students were given an ‘Intention to apply for Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2020’ note. This note is not an application for entry to an opportunity class. It simply advises our school that you intend to apply for an opportunity class place. Please return this note to the School Office (not the classroom teacher) by Friday 12 April 2019.

See the attachments below for a copy of the ‘Intention to apply’ note and the Parent Information Booklet.

 Intention to apply note

2020 Opportunity Class Information Booklet