Meet The Teacher coming up

Every year the class teachers invite parents into their classrooms to share their expectations of the year ahead including school strategic directions for your child and general class learning programs. This is an opportunity for parents to work in partnership with their child and class teacher. Each grade/stage is scheduled for a 30 minute session of information. This is not individual parent/teacher time as the school schedules parent/teacher/student interviews later in Term 1. This Meet The Teacher is information dissemination from school to parents as a class cohort. Year 6 will be including an extra 15 minutes due to information they need for Year 6 to 7 enrolment procedures.

We want to welcome our new families into our school so the P&C will be providing a welcome to Oatley Public School event starting at 6pm straight after our Kindergarten Meet The Teacher on the north site. An invitation will follow to our new families.

Please see our calendar for specific times of each grade/stage on our website or school stream.