Meet the teacher afternoon Wednesday 27 February 2019.

We invite parents up to your child’s classroom to meet the teacher. The teacher will elaborate on the expectations for your child’s learning, the programs being delivered and parent home communication. This is not an individual parent/teacher time as that interview will occur later this term Week beginning 8 April 2019. We try to stagger this meet the teacher afternoon but in some cases parents may have meet the teacher running at concurrent times. The teachers will post all the information presented to the parents onto the website if you are unable to attend any sessions. SAVE WEDNESDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2019. Session times will be given out to your child but the sessions will begin from 4pm – 6pm.

Year 6 going into high school in 2020 will be given an Expression Of Interest form and information this coming week. Please read the information carefully and complete the EOI. If your child is going to try out for selective high school you still need to make sure you complete the EOI so you have choice of school in case your child is not successful. We have tried to ensure your address details are correct and your local high school will be on your EOI so you know if unsuccessful in out of area choice you always have a feeder high school enrolment. Many high school are sending information out for parents to attend information events so please keep an eye out for these on our website posts.

School fees information will also go out this week for individual grade cohorts. We have tried to put any known excursions, camps, incursions as well as fees that support the operational costs of the school. We appreciate the support of parents in the fees costs as this allows us to maintain the rigor of your child’s educational needs.