Lego Brick Fair

The school Brick Fair was held Sunday 18 August, the community came out to see the Lego exhibition and participate in the extra activities. The Lego competition had amazing entries, creating a difficult job for the judges.

Age 5- 2nd Justin   Age 6- 1st Spencer, 3rd Damien, 4th Sebastian  Age 7- 2nd Olivia, 4th Gemma  Age 8- 1st Zac, 3rd Chloe  Age 9- 1st Lauren, 2nd Doug, 3rd Clementine

Age 11- 4th Finn

The winner of the guessing competition was Amelia who guessed 6511 tiles in the bowl, she was just 7 tiles off the correct number- 6518. Great work!

There were some great food and cakes stalls to enjoy, and jumping castles for the young children. A huge thank you to the P&C committee, Mrs Rozmeta and teachers who volunteered their time to make it a great event. Looking forward to OPS next community event.