Kids Giving Back

Our students are wonderful ambassadors for our school!

We recently received an email the Kids Giving Back Charity commending two of our Year 4 students for the volunteering work they participated in. Kids Giving back is a charity that provides children between the ages of 6-18 with the opportunity to assist vulnerable people in the community. Their aim is create the next generation of generosity whilst assisting children to acquire empathy, experience altruism and achieve a sense of belonging.

Robyn Monro Miller (CEO) has written: ‘I would like to acknowledge Ben C and Jack M for their participation in our program. They are wonderful representatives of your school and I want to express how impressed our facilitators were with their empathy and strong work ethic as they undertook their volunteer roles.’

Well done, Ben C and Jack M for being such positive role models for your peers. We are very proud of you.