Jump Rope for Heart

On Friday August 30th OPS held the annual Jump Rope for Heart “Jump Off”. Every student at OPS had the opportunity to skip for half an hour, and by the looks of it all students had loads of fun and acheived their daily exercise!! So far OPS has raised well over $2000 for the National Heart Foundation. This is an excellent result, especially given that there have been quite a few fundraising activities so far this year!!
A big thank you to the OPS Community for your support and the students who registered and raised money. Some of our students even raised over $200 by themselves! A remarkable effort.
Skipping is a great exercise which is simple and very effective in helping students achieve their daily exercise goals. It was amazing to see all the students practising their skipping at lunchtimes and Fruit Breaks. At OPS the skipping certainly won’t stop now!!
An extra special thanks to the Year 6 Leadership Team who took time away from their class schedule to help teachers organise the ropes, music and show off some really cool tricks!!
There is still time to register and donate. The link will be closing in two weeks.
Finally, thank you to the SRC who helped promote this wonderful event.
Mr Prenzel, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Hewitt