Jump Rope for Heart and Dads Big Breakfast for Fathers Day to be held at the school on Friday 30 August 2019.

On Friday the teachers have taken over Dads big breakfast so come along with your child/ren to enjoy breakfast together. We are also having our jump off that day to raise valuable funds for continued heart research. During the morning breakfast our children will show their dads some great skipping skills that they have learnt throughout this term and that will be continued in their grade jump off.

As September approaches and the Winter months are coming to an end our school Summer Uniform starts on September 1st, 2019. Please use your discretion as a parent in regards to the changing seasons and we are very happy our students are in full school uniforms, either Summer or Winter at this point in time.

If you know of any future Kindergarten enrolments please come to the office for enrolment forms. Our staffing and funding depend on our enrolment numbers.

Kinder Orientation invitations have been sent out and we will hold our Kinder Orientations on Monday 21 October, Monday 28 October & Monday 4 November from 9.20am – 11.00am. Pre- schoolers ( K 2020) will be attending class programs in the Kindergarten classrooms and parents are invited to attend information sessions in the Library over the three mornings. It is a great insight into how the school functions and how different this primary school environment is to their pre-school setting.

As a school community we also want to acknowledge the brilliant work our office staff provide for us as we celebrate the recognition of their roles and responsibilities.