‘Happy Day’ Mufti and Gold Coin Fundraiser – this Thursday 20th September

To finish Term 3 on a positive note, the SRC is organising a ‘Happy Day’ mufti day and gold coin fundraiser this Thursday 20th September. Students are invited to wear their pyjamas or a suitable onesie and bring a gold coin as part of an internal school fundraiser. The SRC is going to further discuss where this fundraising money should be directed in early Term 4.

All students are required to wear closed-in shoes. If your child is attending Swim Scheme, they should still wear their swimmers underneath their pyjamas/onesie.

As well as being in mufti, students will be asked to write and share a positive message about another class member. This activity will be organised by the classroom teachers. Students will also be included in a fun activity at some stage during the day such as a movie or additional sport, at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Miss Arvanitis and Mrs Kennedy (on behalf of the SRC)

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