Good News Week- 2L

2L have had a busy term already, often working collaboratively with 2E which they very much enjoy. They have been involved in STEM activities that allow students to work in groups. During these STEM lessons, the groups have made amazing and strange contraptions ranging from egg parachute, bridges to insect traps which fortunately didn’t quite work. 

2L have engaged with many hands-on science experiments as part of our “Fairy Tale” integrated unit. They have made slime, chocolate crackles and even smoothies. The only complaint the students have about the science experiment is that we don’t do enough of them.

In Term Three, the students engaged in an Author Visit from Kate Simpson, who came in to read and discuss her new book ‘Dear Grandpa’. It is about a boy and his grandpa who live far apart and write letters to each other to keep in contact.

The students enjoyed improving their computer a skills throughout term 3 and were able to code movements to their sprites using complex sequence and algorithm, some even went above and beyond by adding sounds and options to their codes. 

2L have had fun engaging in their PBL project where they have to design their own country. Working as group, they decide on the language, food, custom, culture, appearance, flora and fauna of their country. This project really shows the creativity of our students. 2L also made a small presentation of their country on the iPad using Keynote and Popplet. The students enjoy sharing their countries to their peers every week.

On Friday, 25th October, students from Stage One dressed up as scary monsters for the Halloween Disco. They had witches, living skeletons, Ghostface and the skeletal remains of Mario from the game ‘Super Mario’. Students from 2L have also started their new research homework project of an Australian place, person or animal. They are fully immersed with their research topic to the point where some students want to do two.

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