Good News Week- 2H

Our wonderful 2H have been busy bees this term.

They have loved all the incursions that have been on offer including Healthy Harold, The Silly Scientist, Koomurri, the Book Week author visit and especially today’s Colour Run. They have also been enjoying collaborating in robotics with their buddy class, 3/4D.

In Mathematics 2H have been using geoboards to create regular and irregular shapes. They have also been investigating ‘flip, slip and turn’ using their bodies to demonstrate each direction and movement.

In Creative Arts, 2H have been learning about Australian Artists like Sydney Nolan and Ken Done. They created artworks in similar styles by focusing on the particular style of each artist, and colours they use to convey meaning. They have also been learning about the techniques used by sketching frill necked lizards, kookaburras and Uluru.

After reading ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home” each student used persuasive devices to write a postcard from the perspective of a crayon left behind at school.

Below are some photos of them enjoying these activities as well as their technology lessons through ScopeIT and learning how to create engaging Keynote presentations using the iPads.

2H are looking forward to sharing their keynote presentations over the coming weeks. They have been creating their own country, starting with the name and location and have then made up national symbols, flags, currency, flora, fauna, landmarks etc. and can’t wait to show their classmates what they have been up to!