Good News Week- 2D

2D have been busy term, with lots of fun filled learning activities.

This week, the students engaged in an Author Visit from Kate Simpson who came in to read and discuss her new book ‘Dear Grandpa’. It is about a boy and his grandpa who live far apart and write letters to each other to keep in contact. The students enjoyed listening to the story, learning about the writing process and asking Kate some questions about what it is like to be an author.

They also had lots of fun engaging in their PBL projects that are based on their Integrated Unit, ‘Australia’. Students have been creating their own country in small groups and are given tasks each week that get them thinking about and creating information about their countries. This week students were focusing on the native animals that live in their country, the tourist destinations and the activities people may like to do there. They have been working hard on making a PowerPoint Presentation about their country. They have also been given the opportunity to organise their information about their country onto the iPads using Popplet.

Students in 2D have been improving their computer skills in their Scope IT lessons on Thursday’s. This week students looked at using Minecraft Education to collect, tabulate, present and analyse data. For example, students counted how many animals, plants and produce were in an area, recorded it in their books and presented it using a column graph using the software. They are looking forward to begin coding using Minecraft Education in next week’s lesson.

On Friday, students were engaged in an art lesson. They have been learning about different Australian artists connected to their Integrated Unit and this week have been focusing on Ken Done. Ken Done is an artist who typically uses vibrant colours in his works of famous Australian landmarks and landscapes. Students have been working with oil pastels in bright colours and learning how to incorporate many colours to create a three dimensional artwork.

2D have another busy week next week and are looking forward to the MAD Scientist Incursion on Thursday.