Good News Week- 1M

Three cheers for Term 3! Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!
1M started off the Term with a visit from everyone’s favourite giraffe- Healthy Harold! They discovered the benefits of healthy eating, physical activity and how our body reacts in different situations. They especially loved going shopping for healthy groceries and discovering new ways to move their bodies.
1M have really enjoyed learning all about Australia and Miss Mieszkuc is very impressed with their expansive knowledge of Australian tourist attractions and landmarks. They are in the process of creating their own country and must include elements such as a flag, currency, language and they must even describe the schooling system in their country!
This Term, 1M have also been jumping up a storm and raising money for Jump Rope for Heart.  They have learnt some incredible tricks including criss-cross, the pretzel and backwards skipping. Some students have even developed skipping routines with partners! Each week there is a challenge to see who can skip the longest.
In Mathematics, 1M have been learning all about data and graphs. They have learnt how to collect information and create graphs in Minecraft. Their favourite data lesson was collecting information about the frequency of coloured cereal found in Froot Loop boxes. Of course the best part was eating it at the end!
They are all eager for the holidays and are looking forward to Term 4.

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