Good News Week 1H

1H have loved learning about Australia this term. They have been learning a lot about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture and particularly enjoyed researching Uluru. They made brochures showing off all that Uluru has to offer to persuade people to come and visit the Northern Territory. Students then pretended they were visiting Uluru and wrote postcards to friends and family telling them all about the experience.
1H have made many artworks this term and have been inspired by Australian artists. They have created paintings based on Ken Done’s work and explored Aboriginal artworks, recreating various dot paintings and learning about the use of symbols to represent different aspects of Aboriginal culture.
They have invented their own country including landmarks, flags, native animals and native plants. Students’ have used iPads and worked in the computer lab to create different projects on Popplet and Keynote. They are excited to showcase all their work to their peers in 1M, early next term.
1H had a fantastic day at Komurri celebrations learning about bush tucker, Dreamtime stories and Aboriginal dances. They even got our face painted!
The colour run was also a great day for 1H. They raised money for the school and had so much fun.
They can’t wait to learn about the Great Barrier Reef and continue with their STEM challenges next term!