Good News Week- 1D

What a wonderful Term of learning 1D have had so far!

Students have been learning all about the country we live in… Australia! They have been researching some of the natural landmarks including The Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. 1D have created travel brochures for these unique destinations and many of the students have decided where they think their next family holiday should be! They have been engaged in reading many Aboriginal Dreaming stories and learning about the significance of Indigenous Culture on Koomurri Day. The students loved having their faces painted and getting to throw a boomerang.

1D have enjoyed designing their own imaginative countries in teams. They have named their countries, drawn maps, designed the currency and national flag as well as created some tourist destinations to attract visitors. Some of their countries include Narnia, Candy Land and YouTube World! Where would you like to visit? They have also been creating presentations on the iPads of their countries to present to the class.

1D were very lucky and got to spend 4 weeks this Term learning with Mrs Ollerton while she was on her prac teaching placement! They loved the lessons she taught and got to celebrate her last day with the OPS Colour Run. They miss Mrs Ollerton but look forward to her visiting again soon.

We are having so much fun in 1D but we are all looking forward to having a rest over the holidays.