Fun Run- Colour Explosion

The School Run4Fun Colour Explosion will be held on Friday 5 July 2019 starting at 2.00pm. Students are able to wear mufti clothes on the day, most importantly a plain white or black shirt as the students will be covered in powder from head to toe. The day’s focus is on fun and fitness with the added benefit of raising funds for our school.

The colour run will start at 2.00pm and finish at approx. 3:00pm. Children will leave school on the standard school bell at 3:20pm.

Fundraising: All students will receive a fundraising pack with fundraising instructions. (Year 6 students will receive their package within the next week).

Coon Toastie Truck: Toasted cheese sandwiches and poppers will be available for pre-order via FLEXISCHOOLS, Toastie- $3 and Popper-$1:50.

Food orders will close on Thursday 27 June at 5.00pm.

Please refer to the attachments below for further information.

Fun run Colour Explosion

Fun Run Colour Explosion2