Stage 3 Camp: Last Minute Important Parent Information

We are very excited with our Stage 3 camp fast approaching next Monday 22nd October. All Stage 3 students  were  briefed  in  a detailed meeting yesterday on specific camp requirements and behaviour expectations.   Please click on the link below and read  the  below important information and approach your child’s teacher if you have any last minute queries or concerns. The separate itineraries will be published on the school’s website before Monday’s departure. Camp Last Minute Information  

Upcoming Year 5 and 6 interrelate Sessions (during school hours)

This is a reminder for all Year 5 and Year 6 parents about the upcoming interrelate sessions. There are 3 sessions commencing on 31st October and continuing on 7th November and 14th November. Each session is 90 minutes and will be scheduled during school hours with your child's class. Please see the below attachment for more details of the Moving into the Teenage Years program. Upcoming Year 5 and Year 6 interrelate session information All parents are required to provide permission and payment ($36) by Friday 26th October 2018.  The option to provide permission online and pay online is still available - otherwise please return a signed school...