Congratulations to our swimming students

Oatley Public School came first against our Georges River schools in last week’s district carnival event. Congratulations for an outstanding result Oatley students.

An important post from the esafety commissioner is in this newsletter. The school has provided a lot of information to students in regards to Cybersafety strategies and have had police come and talk to our students. We also provide great web links to parents in regards to keeping your child safe on the internet. Please read these links so you are better informed about what are some of the dangers out there in our digital world. Our children are classified as children because of their age and we take great responsibility in our primary educational setting to ensure we can provide safety use of technology.

Our school provides school managed devices for educational use for all student Years 3-5. There is no reason that students need to have any other devices at school as no ipads are allowed to be accessed at our playing times. Mobile phones can be accessed by students before/after school therefore we ask parents to make contact with their child after these hours. Communication to your child can be made through the office directly to your child during school hours.

A reminder that the school morning bell does not go until 8.50am. There is no supervision of students before this bell so students are not monitored if an accident occurs.