Congratulations to our 2020 student leadership recipients

Thank you to our wonderful school community who acknowledged our 2020 leadership recipients. Our students provide a very important component of student voice in our school. They also support initiatives and events throughout the school year. Congratulations to our student leaders and I look forward to working together.

We will be welcoming our new Director of Educational Leadership for the Georges River Area this coming Monday. Mrs Joanna French will visit our school site, meet the teachers and students and have discussions on school planning and school directions for 2020.

Please remember our MEET THE TEACHER afternoon this coming Wednesday 19 February, 2020. Parents will be going into classrooms for their meetings and teachers will discuss school directions and school management practices as well as class expectations in curriculum. Please see attached school map for class locations. Classroom Locations

As the school is now on PAYMENT ON LINE we need to have specific cut off dates for you to adhere to because there is always a time lapse between your payment on line and the school receiving this notification. This is expected as POP is through Westpac banking and this would be the case for any banking when completed at various hours of the day/night. We factor this into our school expected cut off date to ensure we can process money and permission prior to the event, so please be aware of these cut off dates when notes are generated for events.