Congratulations on a successful Education Week

Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is significant in our school curriculum. Understanding culture, language and dance provides us with significant knowledge and understanding.

Our students and parents are looking forward to our annual St George Performing Arts festival next week. Oatley’s students participate in two concerts ( two days) over the three day festival. Teachers will be accompanying students in dance, band, choir and musical theatre performances. As part of the festival committee it is a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform on stage and to an audience of 600 people.

Our Open Morning for prospective Kindergarten 2020 went really well and thank you to our Year 6 students who stepped up to the occasion and showed our parents around the school providing a guided tour.

Our next huge event is Sunday 18 August with our Brick Fair. A huge amount of organisation has gone into making this event fun and filled with student activities to engage them. Again a wonderful volunteer response from parents who provide cooking food, cake making and set up making the event run smoothly. Please make time to come up to the school.