A reminder to parents to please inform the school if their child/ren will not be returning in 2020. Also if students will be returning to school after start date of 29 January 2020 we also need to be informed by letter or email to the school.

Our Kinder 2020 orientation continues this week and we hope all parents with children eligible to enrol have completed the enrolment process. We can then look at 2020 class groupings. Our student leadership team have excelled in their support for our younger students during Kinder Orientation.

Please check our website for dates of this term’s events. Our Celebrating Success 3-6 is Tuesday 10 December 9.30 – 12pm and our K-2 will have the official component of their Celebrating Success on Wednesday 11 December 9.30 – 11.00am. A morning tea will follow for parents and after that the K-2 will combine again to present their performing arts concert. Please save the date.

This week we start our Leadership team nominations for School Captains/Vice Captains and Student Leaders. Year 5 start with an opportunity to hear from this year’s school leadership team and the roles and responsibilities they were involved in this year to ensure the leaders elect understand their role and responsibilities before the nomination begins.