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Parent Teacher Student Interviews appointments open Monday 18 March 2019 8am

On Monday 18 March 2019 the booking website is available for parents to log into to book a time to meet their teacher. We encourage your child to accompany you at this meeting as it is a time that your child can shine in telling you the learning goals that they have set and why your child has set these goals and the strategies that he/she needs to be aware of for success. The meeting times are from Monday 8 April 2019 until Friday 12 April 2019. They will take place in your child's classroom. If you are unable to...

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World Down Syndrome Day

Steps on gravel Rainbow glares All coloured socks All different pairs The different shaped eyes The flatter nose They just want to be accepted and loved A gap between two of their toes Love is all they seek for Is that too much to ask? Is that too much of a challenge for you It’s not that hard of a task Let today be like any other day You don’t have to be scared They are the happiest people in the whole wide world They don’t like to be stared They get ignored, rejected, bullied Because of their looks and DNA They have the kindest, most caring hearts in the world The Lucky Few, they deserve a say -Niki...

SRC Initiative-World Down Syndrome Day

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, which has been officially recognised by the United Nations since 2012. On this day, people all around the world celebrate the lives and achievements of people with Down Syndrome, creating a global voice, advocating for the rights, inclusion and wellbeing of people with Down Syndrome. At Oatley Public School, we celebrated this day by wearing different happy socks to illustrate that we are all different and should be inclusive and respectful of each other. A big thank you to all the SRC students, the organising teachers and the school community for bringing in...

Swimming Success

Yesterday a team of 14 students from Oatley represented the Georges River PSSA at the Sydney East Regional Swimming Carnival. Individual results will be confirmed shortly, however, the exciting news from the carnival is that our Junior Girls Relay Team consisting of Iris, Mia, Mya and Alegra, came 2nd and will now swim at the NSW state carnival. And...... they got to meet Ian Thorpe. What an exciting day. Congratulations to all our swimmers.  

The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project aims to positively promote the important role of fathers and father-figures. We are looking at partnering with The Fathering Project at Oatley Public School and are seeking interested dads from our school community to form a dads group. Many local schools are successfully implementing this program to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father-figures to engage positively with their kids. Oatley Public School is holding an information session for parents to learn about The Fathering Project on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at 7pm - 7.30pm. All parents, especially fathers and father-figures, are invited to...

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