Saraaf Strata Sponsor Interview

Saraaf Strata Sponsor Interview

Do you think sponsoring our school and developing community connections is important? Why/Why not?

Yes, I think sponsoring the school is very beneficial as it enables us to make connections with the community. We enjoy giving back to the community and seeing the joy in the students.

How has Saraaf Strata connected with our school in the last year?

We have been involved by sponsoring and attending the Centenary dinner and being part of the Centenary book last year. We just hope that are presence in the community and the school has helped bring in lots more resources and better equip your school.

What other ways do you think we can keep supporting each other?

I think there are a number of different ways we can help with sponsorship. We have one child currently at Oatley in Year 2 and have two more children that will come through the school, so Sarraf Strata will be around here for a very long time. We look forward to a very long relationship with Oatley Public School.

We like to give back and see students happy, thriving and succeeding at school and to us that’s the best way to give back.

What is your role in the company?

My role in the company is being the general manager and I look after the day to day operations, the staff and running of the business. Lauren is in Human Resources so she looks after all our staff and staffing requirements.

How did you come about getting your job?

That is an interesting question, it was a very long time ago now- I was 18 and I finished school and was interested in real estate. I wasn’t always in strata, I was originally in property management. I fell into strata because someone left and I had to do a certain job in that area, I’ve now been in strata since 2003. I really love the industry and the people.

In what other ways is Sarraf Strata involved in the Oatley Community?

We sponsor the Oatley Football Club and in the wider community we play a big role with Camp Quality which is a charity that supports children and families who are struggling with cancer. We donate to that charity every year and we help them with a huge Christmas fundraiser so children and their family get to go on a big fun holiday excursion to take them away from their struggles.

We are really proud to support that cause and happy to be involved with Oatley Football club as well.

How is sponsoring our school benefiting your company?

I don’t think we became sponsors so that our company can benefit in any financially direct way. We did it more because that’s part of our philosophy and community outreach is incredibly important to our whole ethos and what we do.

We want to be able to give back and support the community so that’s why we do it. We want to give to the community and see how they can benefit.

Thank you to Sarraf Strata for sponsoring our school and we look forward to future projects.

Student Leadership Team Members,

Natasha, Benji and Hannah